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The history of Rainworth, a village in Nottinghamshire, UK.
Rainworthvillage is dedicated to the Village of Rainworth in Nottinghamshire, it`s development and History.


Any information, photographs, memories or contributions are welcome and would be much appreciated.

Most of the content of this site is the research of a Rainworth/ Blidworth resident of over 60 years, with an interest in Local history and countryside

More History information on the Historical Memories Page....Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Romans, Druids, Ivanhoe, Battle on the river Idle, Rufford Colliery, 

Rainworth History......Any contributions welcome,  including Old Photos, Newspaper Cuttings, advertising, Recent Photos, always welcome !

Corrections most welcome.

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The Village Green
The Village Green

An updated account of my Rainworth history and environs research previously on www.rainworthvillage.webs.com which ceased in March 2021. More information, photos and memories will be added shortly 


Rufford Colliery

Rainworth history

more info coming soon